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Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have a book with a picture of you and your grandchild in it?

It’s so much fun reading books to children because it spurs their imagination and encourages your playful side: you get to take a stab at making funny noises, animal sounds and using your real deep voice along with your high voice (which for me is becoming harder and harder to achieve). Sometimes you can even add some extra fun and surprises to the story when you say watch out because the book character might tickle you and then you can reach over and tickle the child as you are reading them the story.

a-fun-day-with-grandpaI just received two books as a gift from The first one is titled “A Fun Day With Grandpa” and the second one is titled “A Fun Day With Grandma”. Now what is fun and unique about these books is they are also sticker books and the stickers are pictures of you and your grandchild which makes the book totally personalized. You just send in a digital picture of you and your grandchild and they crop a headshot of each of you to create stickers. Now you and your grandchild can read the book and put the stickers in the book together creating a memory and a keepsake.


I shared the idea with my daughter and she was really excited to see the books along with Clara’s reaction. I’m sure that these books will become favorites of hers and will have to be read quite often to her. This concept strengthens the bond between the grandparents and grandchildren. We all know how possessive children can be with what they feel belongs to them. Children connect and identify with the pictures of themselves and the people they know. I’m sure that these books will be among her favorites.

If you would like to order these books for your grandchildren simply click on this link.

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Dave Jabas
Grandpa Bear

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