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Warren from Cooperstown’s Story

November 2, 2016

“Space has less gravity than Earth. That’s the trueness of space.” This was an out-of-the-blue statement made on January 29, 2016 by my granddaughter, Edie, to her father Jay. At age 5, this remark gives both her Dad and me a great deal of pride… on top of our shared bewilderment! Moreover however, it gives me a good feeling about an enviable father-daughter relationship and the many unforgettable good visits yet to come for my son Jay and my granddaughter Edie.

In this “fall” season of my life, I have been spending more and more time looking back over my days, in an effort to identify some things that I might have done right… and which I can attempt to pass along to my offspring. Unfortunately, my three adult children are now busy; much the same as I was at their age. However, my younger grandchildren seem to be eager to hear what grandpa might have to say. There are many opportunities. Now I need to grab them while my grandchildren are in this curious and carefree stage.

When Edie proudly shared her observation about the “trueness of space,” I couldn’t help fondly remembering the many long visits my Dad and I had, regarding the nature of the universe. My hope is to give Edie, and my other grandchildren, a sense of the value of being able to carry on a meaningful discussion with their parents, on topics that rise well above the usual disciplinary sessions. This is my quest and my payback for not being there for my kids when I should have been. In addition, I want to try to fill the lessons grandma might have shared, but the sinister cancer took her way before she could do what she no doubt hoped to do.

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