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Steven from Shakopee’s Story

November 7, 2016

I have been blessed with two beautiful grandchildren. My grandson Jackson is 7 and my granddaughter Kennedy is 5. I am also blessed with the opportunity to see them everyday since I live with my daughter, son in law, and my two grandchildren. On to my story. Recently I have taken up the hobby of knitting. My mom used to knit and I have always aspired to make things the way she used to. Right now I am still using loom and pretty much stick to making hats. One night I was sitting in my room knitting and Jackson walked in. “What are you doing, Papa?”, he asked. I told him that I was making a hat and asked him if he wanted to help. “Sure!”, he said and plopped down next to me. I showed him what to do and he really took to it. He started working the yarn around the loom independently without even needing any instructions. I sat there watching him in awe. With his tongue stuck out of the side of his mouth(how kids do when they’re concentrating real hard) he looks up and me and says, “We’re being good Grandma’s Papa.” Now sometimes he’ll walk in my room and say, “Let’s be Grandma’s Papa” and I will get out my loom and yarn and we will start on our next project.

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