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Shawn from Lakeville’s Story

October 4, 2016

I am a firm believer of “practice makes perfect”, and my goal is to always score an A+. Since I plan on being the best Grandma ever, I am practicing my spoiling techniques on my Great Nephew William. And with my sister competing with me, on being the favorite Great Aunt, I am always on the hunt for the perfect gifts. What will make his eyes light up with pure joy, what will become the toy he is most attached to?

I found it! After Christmas sale, and of all places, found it at Sam’s Club. A John Deere Riding Tractor with a scoop that you can raise and lower. With sound effects of a real tractor, and for half price! Woot hoo, I can’t loose.

Well, when my sister saw the box in my garage, she demanded that I let her pay for half of it. She knew I would be favorite Great Aunt for all times, and since she is a great Great Aunt, I let her. We put it together to give it to him early, 2 or 3 years early according to the age recommendation on the box, at my 4th of July party. We couldn’t even wait until Christmas. Yep, I think I have this spoiling thing down pat. I am going to be the best Grandma ever!

If you want more details about the toy tractor mentioned above, click this link to the left to see it on Amazon.com
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