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Rita from Stillwater’s Story

December 1, 2016


A year ago we were given a battery operated fire truck from a friend for our four year old grandson, Jacob. It had been in working order but unfortunately after sitting for a few years it would not start and neither the lights or siren were in working order. The person we had lined up to fix it said they were too busy and then we had one VERY disappointed grandson. You see, Jake wanted to be a fireman this year for Halloween and ride around the neighborhood in his fire engine. Jake knew who could repair it and said “Papa can fix ANYTHING”! After hearing those words, Papa knew he had his work cut out for him to analyze the electronics on a very complicated motorized vehicle and get it running.

There is such a special bond between these two. Jake follows Papa all around on our acreage helping him with whatever he is doing or fixing. The night before Halloween, my husband came in from his shop and said I should call our daughter to come over with Jake and his fireman costume. Papa opened the garage door and out came the fire truck, sirens, lights and everything. Papa had worked on it for weeks and got it to work with hours to spare. The look on Jakes face was priceless and one we will never forget!

That night Jake went to bed and said his prayers. “Thank you God for creating Papa, I love him the best in the whole world.” As a tear rolled down my daughter’s cheek, she thought…well said Jake, I feel the exact same way!