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r jeff from NORTHFIELD’s Story

October 4, 2016

My grand daughter Aria has helped me move to that “ next step” in my life.
Yeah she’s a bundle of joy, cute, funny looking but a really life example of how life changes.

I loved being a father- a father of four and my kids were above average – 2 are even republicans. Being a grand father is a whole new side to life.
I never thought I’d see this, feel the joy.
What I see are all the things we passed on to our kids.
All those goods things that made their life better.
When I look at Aria, my grand daughter, I know her life will be better because of things I taught my daughter and she is teaching her daughter.Love the crazy moments when we get together and she returns all that love with just one glance.
That look, “grandpa”!

Why is it I love taking her out to eat. Simple joys. Sometime I enjoying every moment I’m with her.
And now that the terrible 2’s have hit, I enjoy her even more, cause I get to go home – but I take every memory with me.

R Jeff

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