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Pamela from Ramsey’s Story

December 17, 2016

The Hairy Egg Project
I was lucky to become a 1st time grandma to a wonderful little boy when he was 5yrs old and his dad married my daughter. They are a military family and are currently stationed in Gulfport, Mississippi while we live in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. I have found ways to build a relationship and stay connected to Eddie by Face time, phone calls and mail him little notes at least once a month.
This was an activity that was perfect for spring and Easter time. My mother did with me when I was about my grandson’s age and I also did this with my kids. I actually mailed him a note, a small Ziploc bag of potting soil and another small Ziploc with a fast growing lawn seed. My daughter carefully broke several egg shells on just one end and rinsed them out to dry. On the note I told him to use markers to decorate the egg shells. I also drew faces on mine. I drew the Grinch, a monkey and other funny faces.
On Easter Sunday evening we spent some time on Facetime. We both had our potting soil and seeds. From 1500 miles apart, together we filled our egg shells with soil and then added the seeds to the top and watered carefully. Almost daily he called with a growing report and we texted each other photos. Within a week the bright green grass was tall enough to get a haircut. I even put one into pigtails and another got a Mohawk hairstyle. You can see from his face in the picture how proud he was of his project. And he loved seeing them all grow. Even when he was overwatering a bit, he was asking for tips to fix it and was still excited about the project. After just 8 or 9 days after planting only having morning sun in MN in wintery March the grass had grown more that 4″ tall. Eddie was even interested in the vegetable garden my daughter planted after doing this activity. I’m always looking for new projects for each season. We will be growing hairy eggs again next spring. It was a winner!