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John from Caldwell’s Story

December 7, 2016

Painting Papa Pink

What won’t we grandparents do for their beloved grandchildren? Buy them toys; read to them; let them dye our hair? Yes, you heard me right.

Back when my Lily was 5 years old, she received a package of temporary hair paint as a birthday gift. I’m sure it was meant for her to try on herself. But after opening the present, she looked around for a willing victim. I was the closest one! How could I say no to that sweetheart? So, I sat patiently and let her dye my hair pink. And I didn’t even wash it out for a few days, even when people looked at me funny.

8 years later, history repeated itself when Lily and a friend needed a ride to a Halloween haunted house. She decided we all needed pink polka-dots painted on our faces. Once again, I played the willing victim.

I have to admit, I kind of enjoy being included in Lily’s plans. Even if pink is part of the deal. That must be why she says, “Papa is the fun one!”