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Jim from Las Vegas’s Story

October 4, 2016

I am so excited about this new venue for sharing stories about grand children. I am new to the job of Grandfather and need all the help I can get. For the last three months I have been happy holding, feeding and watching in amazement as Elizabeth learns and grows, but the thrill won’t last forever. Soon I will need new, different and outragious ways to entertain both her and myself and what better way than to spoil her and send her back to her unsuspecting parents.

So far, not a lot of spoiling has happened if you don’t count the nursery makeover, complete with new floor, recessed lighting, crown molding, base boards and every new baby gadget known to modern man. In fact, this story is more about timing.

Usually my timing is off, like committing to new puppies two weeks before we knew our first grandchild was on the way. We went from having two furry babies taking up all of our time to two jealous puppies wondering why we give so much attention to the poor little ugly bald puppy when she comes to visit. However, I finally got the timing right.

Shortly after her arrival, I dropped by my daughter’s house to make sure that they were holding the baby enough. After a few hours of holding the baby and discussing with her things like where Mommy was going to keep her pony, she got quite hungry. Gramps to the rescue with a bottle and a burp. Then I started getting a little tired, so I handed her back to Mommy and said goodbye. As soon as I handed her off, we heard an explosion in the three megaton range that shook the house and smelled like a sewer had backed up in the living room. Now that is perfect timing. Time for me to go home. Time to go tell everybody how beautiful and sweet my new grand baby is, while Mommy cleans up the worst natural disaster to hit our good city in thirty years.

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