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Christine from Caldwell’s Story

November 4, 2016

A Beary Big Surprise

My name is Christine, and our granddaughter’s name is Lily. She just turned 13 this year. Last year she wanted two big things on her Santa list—a razor (because she was a pre-teen girl, after all) and a 6-foot tall stuffed bear she had seen in a store.

Even before Christmas, she had already named him Big Barry and had cleared a place for him in her room. He would be the perfect companion for Little Barry—a small stuffed bear she has had since she was four. Little Barry goes to camp with her every summer, tags along on any sleepovers, and always gets packed for trips. (I think he’s flown more miles than I have!)

Before we went to bed on Christmas Eve 2015, her Grampa (aka Papa) parked his Ranger in the garage like always. The next morning, Lily woke and opened her gifts. I got her the razor and thought it would be THE hit of the day. But then Papa took her to the garage to see who had driven in to see her.

It was Big Barry! Her reaction was precious—we will never forget it. Big Barry now sits in her room awaiting her return from school every day. He sleeps with Lily in the living room on weekends. And he keeps a watchful eye on her and Little Barry. (He still isn’t allowed to fly on airplanes—not that she hasn’t begged and pleaded.)

If you’re interested in looking for a big bear for your grandchild, here’s a link to one that’s currently offered on Amazon.com
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