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Angela from North Oaks’s Story

November 14, 2016

We have a four year old grandson, Beckett who lives in Madison, Wisc. We would love to see him more often, but you know how that goes? So, we decided to create a way he could remember us, especially our faces as grandchildren may have have several sets of grandparents as well as parents these days. We created two books for Becket “A Fun Day With Grandma and A Fun Day With Grandpa”. Each book has a complete set of stickers with our” faces” on them as well as his and we place them throughout the book as we create memories together. We bake cookies, go to the zoo and do all the fun things that grandchildren love to do. So when we are not visiting him, we can all remember the great fun we have together and look forward to our next visit. It is an everlasting gift of love! We now have decided to make these for other grandparents and grandkids.

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