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A Fun Way to Serve Pancakes

Years ago, my nine-year-old son had a friend sleep over. I got up early to make pancakes for them, but I did it a little bit differently. I set the table for them with two oversize bowls. They sat down at the table with our family dogs at their feet.

“What’s up with the bowls?” my son asked.
“Pay attention, you’ll see!” I answered.

When the first pancake was ready, I said “Heads up!”
I flipped it up high in the air, over my shoulder, towards the table. Predictably, it landed on the floor and the dogs scarfed it down.

The boys just stared at me.

A few minutes later, “Heads up!” I flipped another pancake over my shoulder.
Again it hits the floor . . . the dogs are loving this!
I looked at the boys and said, “What do you think the bowls are for?”

Again, “Heads up!”
This time my son caught the pancake mid-air with his bowl and ate it up with a big smile.

His friend said, “Breakfast is kind of funny at your house.”

If you have children or grandchildren around your house, try it.
They will think you’re the coolest!

Have a great day,

Dave Jabas
Grandpa Bear