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I’ve watched this commercial five times and I can’t stop laughing

Reading a good friend’s blog, I was shown a commercial for Chatbooks featuring a mom hurrying through a day of keeping her kids out of harm’s way and trying to keep her house in order. One scenario after another flashed across the screen that kept me laughing as I related to several of them from raising my own children. I’d recommend you watch it if only as inspiration for any stories you might want to submit for our story competition of December here at, as it brought a few stories of my own to mind.

The product itself is a very good idea for current moms and dads. Chatbooks is a service that, once set up, will automatically gather images the user posted to multiple social media sites and prints a book of them, which is then shipped to the user. It’s a way to automatically create photo albums and have them shipped to you without the need to scrapbook or design a photo book online.

It can even be a great service for us grandparents to use when the grandchildren drop by. Watching the grandchildren for a weekend to give their mom and dad a much needed weekend alone, you could take pictures of serving breakfast, going to the park, watching a sports game, having dinner and a movie night, and playing games with them. At the end of it all you have a photo album arrive in the mail, a perfect keepsake of the memories you’ve made.

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Dave Jabas
Grandpa Bear